Accomodation & Transportation Wellness & Healthcare packages

A typical medical tourism package includes various services that come in competent prices.The medical history of the patient is emailed and discussed,the patient is received at the airport,he is escorted to the hospital for treatment,and following discharge, is offered a recuperative holiday at a resort after which a post treatment check up is ensured before final departure.This is an all inclusive package for the patient and the accompanying person.

Accommodation booking

Providing the best accomodation based on the specifications of our travellers is something that we specialize in. Based on the medical treatment selected ,the budgetary constraints and hospital selected we will provide the best options.

We have strong ties with all the leading Hotels in Kerala to provide you with world class accommodation.

We have ties with the leading luxury, boutique , budget hotels and also other accommodation providers like serviced apartments and Homestay as well to give you a wide range of options to choose from.

To get your best quote on hotel booking in Kerala for your medical travel, connect with Healingtrails today.

Local Travel Arrangement

From the moment you land at the airport till the moment that you take off we will take care of your local transportation. We have a wide range and class of vehicles as well as experienced and well seasoned drivers who will chauffeur you wherever and whenever it is needed of them.

Visiting the hospitals , local tourist hubs or even going out for shopping will be so much easier as our drivers are well experienced and they will take care of all your transportation needs.

Have a specific demand when it comes to the car that you want to travel in ? we have it all. Be it an SUV or a Sedan or a Hatchback, we have multiple cars across multiple classes from multiple brands that you can choose from.

The safety and security of our travellers is one top priority and we ensure that they are well taken care of.

We also have Ambulances on call for Emergency cases where they cannot be avoided.